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The Green Room offers special expertise in areas of green coffee storage and handling.

Unlike other green coffee warehouses in North America, The Green Room primarily handles specialty grade coffees. Our inventory management and outbound processing systems are designed specifically for small lots and multiple mark orders. Our warehouse staff is experienced and trained in green coffee handling, identification, grading and even tasting (cupping).

The Green Room works with green coffee importers across the country and handles third party warehousing for large-volume specialty roasters in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of the volume of coffee a client maintains at The Green Room, meticulous attention is given to monitoring the quality and movement of product.

Utilizing our management's years of green coffee warehousing experience, 
The Green Room provides essential services including storage, outbound shipping, reconditioning, grading, weighing, and local delivery of green coffee.

The Green Room Difference

The Green Room sets itself apart by offering specialized service to the green coffee industry and creative solutions to the day-to-day warehousing needs of our clients. The needs of our customers are met by special attention to:

  • Personal attention to customers - working with clients as partners, making their priorities and concerns our own
  • Cleanliness and orderliness that exceeds all other facilities
  • Unparalleled analysis and measurement of coffee status (humidity, temperature, pest control, damage checks, grading services)
  • Regular check-in calls with clients to make sure that their questions and concerns are continually addressed
  • Expandable storage facility space: 360,000+ sq ft available

Environmental Conditions

Green coffee requires well managed environmental and climate controls. 
The Green Room understands that coffee's absorptive and hygroscopic characteristics necessitate atmospheric control.

The Green Room takes care to eliminate risks associated with ambient coffee pollutants such as:

  • Odors from outside our facility (Measures are continually taken to insure that neighboring storage and other facilities are not storing, processing, or trans-shipping any highly odorous products)
  • Dust and chemical pollutants from maintenance in or around The Green Room
  • Strong fragrances or chemical odors introduced by personnel or machinery

Storage standards

The Green Room meets or exceeds all green coffee industry storage standards with policies that include:

  • All pallets used for green coffee (56" x 72") are kiln dried to prevent moisture transfer and damage
  • A protective layer inserted between coffee and skid in order to avoid bags drooping between stats.
  • Eighteen-inch spacing is maintained between coffee stacks. Coffee stacks are configured so that all stacks are accessible for inspection, sampling, airflow, and pest control
  • A monitoring system is in place, utilizing hygrometers and temperature monitoring devices in and around the stored coffee
  • Humidity levels are kept below 65%
  • Physical inventory recorded weekly

Pest Control

Green coffee is subject to a broad range of pest infestations. To ensure consistent, certified control and quick response to possible outbreaks, 
The Green Room utilizes an outside pest control service provider that has expertise with green coffee. The Green Room also employs internal checks and preventive measures with an emphasis on inbound deliveries.

The Green Room's pest control program includes:

  • Regular monitoring of pheromone and light traps that are placed strategically throughout The Green Room
  • Treatments, if necessary, based on results of monitoring
  • Preventative measures (including Insect Growth Regulators, ULV treatments and spot treatments around traps)
  • Fumigation and/or isolation of incoming products as needed
  • Segregation of coffees according to type/customer
  • Building maintenance (floor joint checks/filling, rack leg and dock plate maintenance, general product accumulation control)
  • Well-executed Master Sanitation Schedule
  • Thorough pest control training of The Green Room staff

We look forward to taking care of your green coffee storage and handling needs.


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The Green Room offers special expertise in areas of green coffee storage and handling.

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