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Contract Packaging

Fulfillment, Contract Packaging and Storage

Cost guarantees: Invoices will always match line items, terms and fulfillment steps as shown on quotations. Quotes are detailed and formatted to show each billable step and item. If assembly steps, project quantities or other specifications change during life of a project, then the pricing may change accordingly. In such cases, the quotation is updated to reflect such changes and sent to client for approval.

Facilities available: 196,000 square feet of production and storage space is available. Packaging equipment includes shrink wrap equipment, weigh-fill equipment, sealing equipment, high-speed label printers and applicators, auto-folders for t-shirts and work tables, flow-rack and conveyor.

Pricing structure: For assembly projects pricing is structured on a per piece basis and for order fulfillment programs pricing is structured on a per packages or per order basis.

Automated ordering capabilities: Programs can be configured so that orders are transmitted in batch-order formats and can be processed automatically. Transmission of orders can be set up using scripted FTP transmission and can include data loops which transmit tracking and other order information back to our client for confirmation and reconciliation purposes.

Inventory management

Reporting tools: Real-time inventories can be checked via password protected online access.

Inventory management: A robust WMS (Warehouse Management System) is used that incorporates location control and barcode scanning. Cycle counting is used to audit physical to system inventories.  


Tracking capabilities: All shipments can be tracked and tracking information can be accessed online

Reporting tools: Online access can be used that show shipping details such as order number, order date, ship date, tracking number, shipping cost and shipping carrier.

Shipping Cost Savings: TGR can offer best-way shipping where package specifications and destination determines shipping mode / carrier.

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